Multiplier Event (E3) – The INTenSE Dementia Simulation toolkit

Gruppo SPES, in collaboration with local partners LP, will organize a seminar to present the INTenSE toolkit in order to raise awareness about dementia. In particular, the seminar will present the toolkit, keep participants updated with instruments and technologies used in the creation of the toolkit and provide the latest information about achievements in science and technology in this field. Participants invited to the seminar will have the possibility to interact and share impressions with those professionals who received the training. This will spread more accurate information about the dementia field, break down dementia stigma and encourage more people to take the same training. The overall aim is to disseminate the methodology of the toolkit and share the impressions of professionals who are already trained. In particular, Gruppo SPES will:

  • Inform and promote dementia awareness
  • Share and disseminate the project intellectual outputs IO2 and IO3 spreading the project results
  • Give participants the chance to interact with professionals involved in the training to collect and explore new ideas for future educational programs in this field

People targeted for this workshop will be: students (local academic institutes), research centers, national care-givers associations, professionals working in the health-system, local stakeholders and policy makers (e.g., municipalities).

The event is finished.


Jun 20 - 22 2022


The exact date has not yet been defined
All Day


Trento - Italy
Gruppo SPES


Gruppo SPES
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